Black-Woman Owned Edition

If you’ve got an iPhone, I’m sure you have a running list of some sorts in your Notes app. Maybe you like to save quotes, song lyrics that’ll turn to captions on the ‘gram, recipes, passwords, links to porn, all sorts of shit. For me, and many women I’m sure, I keep a list of stuff I wanna buy! At some point during Atlanta’s VERY short lockdown, I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and began bookmarking all the bomb outfits, accessories, spa treatments, nail designs, home decor and more that I knew I just had to have once outside was open again. Heavy on the “a black woman made this,” because – of course!

Now I’m not gonna lie, I bookmark a LOT of shit that I forget all about and my lil black wish list was all unorganized and lost between my favorite petty memes, TikToks, and a BUNCH of “In case nobody told you today” carousels – I love those the most! Yes, social media guru girls, I know I can organize my bookmarks and put them into their own little folders, but that just sounds too much like right don’t it? Instead, I started a list in my Notes that grows literally everyday. While I haven’t had the chance to shop with ALL of the black-woman owned businesses on my list, the one’s I’ve decided to share below all share a unique place in my heart – reason being also listed below. Keep checking back for more additions to my black archive as well as new categories and other cool stuff!

And by the way, none of these businesses have paid me to whisper sweet nothings to ya’ll; I really fw them. In closing, this list is in no particular order. Enjoy!


  1. Zentiful Beauty and Spa
  2. Slather Bath & Body
  3. Lucieee Does Nails
  4. JasUniqueNails
  5. Snob Life


  1. Chef B.Viictoria
  2. The Veggie Mom Club
  3. Munchie Meals


  1. Wrap Queens
  2. Eunoia by Nikki D


  1. Brain Language Art
  2. The Sow Co

If you or someone you know is a black-woman owned business, shoot me an email at so I can check you out!

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Hey boo, its Rin! When Im not working as a Project Manager for a black-owned beauty brand, Im scrollin the internet for new gadgets to add to my smart apartment, in the kitchen experimenting with tofu, or planning my post-rona outfits (mimosas dont hit the same without the DJ and the red velvet waffles. IYKYK.) Thanks for coming!!! I hope you stay awhile. xoxo Rin

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